Golf in St. Andrews Team Travel

Golf in St. Andrews offers college, university, and high school golf teams a great way to built team unity and to expand one’s cultural knowledge by traveling to destinations that live the history of golf.

International golf holidays to St. Andrews, Scotland for The Birthplace of Golf Program takes the group to St. Andrews, Scotland.

Golf in St. Andrews Team Travel, specializing exclusively in high school, college, university, and group golf travel to Scotland and Ireland.has assembled two unique and distinct options for teams, individual team members, and golf enthusiasts of all ages and abilities

Why Golf in St. Andrews?

All Golf in St. Andrews programs are administered using the following corporate policies.

“Our First-Hand Knowledge Guarantee” assures every traveler that Golf in St. Andrews has visited, inspected, and established a close business relationship with every golf course, practice range, university facility, bed and breakfast, hotel, ground transportation provider, and sightseeing attraction that our customers will experience.

“Our Common Sense Approach” focuses on the two most important commodities to golf travel: time and energy.Golf in St. Andrews wisely budgets golfers’ time allowing for maximum use of each day while scheduling proper and appropriate amounts of rest so golfers are ready and able to enjoy every part of the adventure. 

Every arrangement and request including selection of golf courses, tee times, accommodations, sightseeing, and ground transportation are handled by professionals who have personally experienced Scotland and Ireland.

All Golf in St. Andrews participants are provided ground transportation by companies with modern, certified motor coaches driven by professional drivers. Golfers and group members will never have to worry about driving, routes, destinations, Scottish driving laws, insurance, or operating an unfamiliar motor vehicle on an unfamiliar side of the road.