U.S. Junior Tours Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s your philosophy?
U.S. Junior Tours Golf Experience is a first class educational and athletic travel program for young golfers, ages 10-18, and their families. Our mission is to provide worldwide experiences including professional instruction, competition, and cultural touring all in an atmosphere that fosters learning and character development.

What makes this program so unique?
The uniqueness of U.S. Junior Tours is that along with focused practice and instruction, athletes compete directly against individuals or teams from the countries we visit. Competition may take place in friendly matches, competitive matches or in a tournament setting.

How do you choose the golfers and how many golfers are selected?
Acceptance to the program is based partially on athletic ability, yet even more focus is placed upon the young golfer’s dedication to improvement, personality, integrity, and eagerness to travel and experience other countries and cultures. Golfers that are accepted to our program may choose one or more of the offered programs.

Is this a good cultural experience?
Absolutely, it’s what sets U.S. Junior Tours apart from all the other golf and travel programs. When you’re not on the course, you will have a chance to see and do some amazing things. You’ll explore important points of interest, visit historic sites, learn about the culture of your host country, and meet other serious athletes that share your passion for golf.

How does the team get around, what type of transportation do we use?
U.S. Junior Tours teams enjoy the comfort of traveling on a chartered air-conditioned motor coach. Our staff will be there each step of the way to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Do I need a passport?
All of our international destinations require U.S. citizens to have an up-to-date passport. Travel is not permitted using a passport that is within 6 months of expiration prior or during the tour. U.S. citizens do not need visas to travel to USJT international destinations. Program participants who are not U.S. citizens need to check with their governmental offices as to passport and visa requirements for travel destinations. Information is available for U.S. citizens from the U.S. Department of State at http://travel.state.gov/passport_services.html.

Travelers from North America:
Transportation from your home to the USJT program site is your responsibility. Often we will establish a gateway airport where travelers from North America meet and depart as a group the for USJT programs in Europe. Newark, NJ Liberty International Airport is often used and is a favorite USJT gateway airport. If requested, USJT will assist in finalizing golfers’ travel arrangements at the lowest possible cost and assist in any way to assure a safe and successful journey. Please do not book air passage until USJT offices have reviewed all arrangements.

Travelers from outside North America:
Travel arrangements and transportation from your home to USJT program destinations is your responsibility. Ticketing for travel must be done in your home country.

Where will a staff member pick me up at the airport when I arrive?
A USJT staff member will meet you at the arrival gate area of your flight. We will also make sure you board your connecting flight home. It is important that you send us your airline itinerary if you have made your own travel arrangements to our gateway city so we know when and where to find you.

Forwarding an electronic picture is very helpful in the identification process.

What clothing and items do we need to bring?
Prior to leaving you will receive a list of suggested personal items and clothing that you will need; information as to money exchange; use of phones; emergency phone numbers; and general directions to make your trip a pleasant one.

What is the food like?
If you’ve traveled overseas before, you know that food varies a great deal by taste, quantity, and quality depending on where you go. While we believe strongly that part of the overseas experience is trying new types of foods, we recognize that all players may not share the same sense of adventure. Therefore, we offer a menu that includes both some authentic entrees for you to try as well as some staples you eat at home. The program does allow you to lunch each day on your own, so you are welcome to be as adventuresome or conservative as you like.

When we are traveling, where do we stay?
You will stay in university campus facilities. The facilities are selected for comfort, safety, and proximity to the golf courses.

Can I request a roommate?
If we stay in double rooms and you know another golfer attending the same program, let us know and we will be happy to assign you to the same room. Often on campus facilities house only one traveler per room.

Can my parents come along?
Your parents, grandparents, siblings, and any other family members and friends are welcome to join you overseas and enjoy a wonderful golf vacation. Family members interested in traveling should visit the Family Member Program section. The package entitles then to stay at the same facilities, eat the same meals, and attend all the scheduled activities with the golfers.

Can parents watch the instruction and follow us when we play?
Of course! Parents are welcome to attend all the instruction, practice, and play (if not restricted by tournament rules).

What steps do you take to ensure my son’s/daughter’s safety?
Only people who have experience in taking large groups of athletes to overseas destinations administer the U.S. Junior Tours’ program. Executive Director, Scott Ott, personally leads all trips.

With our ratio of one adult staff member for every 6 golfers/students, we are able to create a highly supervised and structured environment. Secondly, we only stay in safe areas. Thirdly, our schedule is packed with golf and educational activities so there is very little downtime. When your son/daughter is not on the course, he’ll/she’ll either be practicing, sightseeing, or relaxing on campus. Our primary concern is the safety of our participants.

Is my son/daughter covered by insurance?
Travelers’ insurance is available and may purchased to cover any necessary medical expenses as well as emergency return to the U.S. Special Note: Proof of primary medical insurance coverage is required for all USJT participants as well as those enrolled in the USJT Family Member Program.

Is there an evening curfew for the golfers?
Yes, and it is strictly enforced to create a serious, focused atmosphere. If your son/daughter chooses to participate in our program, he/she is required to be in his/her room at curfew.

Are there other rules governing golfers’ behavior?
Each golfer and his/her parent(s) is required to sign a Code of Conduct Agreement that outlines the behavior we expect of our athletes. Violations of this agreement can result in anything from reduced course time to expulsion from the program. It is important that golfers and their families understand that U.S. Junior Tours is a serious golf program. While we do take time to take in some of the sights, it is our sincere hope that players who travel with us see our trips as a chance to improve their skills. The only way this can happen is in a structured atmosphere.

Is there a lot of free time?
Not really. The daily schedule is packed with golf activities such as instructional sessions, team practices, and matches. Your son/daughter will have a few hours off each day to relax. We focus on providing each player with a comprehensive golf experience.

How long have you been running these tours?
Golf trips since 2003, other sports since 1994. As the Executive Program Director, M. Scott Ott provides a wealth of experience, and has personally led delegations of American athletes to Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Puerto Rico and Canada.